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Using Krakatoa MX

  • Krakatoa 3DS Max

    The chapter discusses the components of 3ds Max supported by Krakatoa, including objects, lights, cameras and materials.
  • Krakatoa Particle Sources

    The chapter discusses the various particle data sources supported by Krakatoa for both rendering and saving to particle sequences.
  • Krakatoa Channels

    This chapter discusses the Krakatoa Data Channels, their relationship to 3ds Max channels and their data flow through the scene and into the renderer.

  • Krakatoa Particle Workflows

    The chapter discusses the saving, loading, deforming, culling and re-processing of particles.
  • Krakatoa Rendering

    The chapter discusses the various particle sources used by Krakatoa, the Volumetric rendering in Particle and Voxel mode, the available Shaders, Camera effects like Motion Blur and Depth Of Field, the integration with other renderers via Matte Objects and Deep Opacity Map Shadow Generation as well as the Iterative and Relighting techniques available in Krakatoa.